How did I move to China

I started to think about leaving Russia to some other country in 2014. That was a year full of adventures with my ex, when we decided to spend the winter somewhere in Asia. That winter we visited Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. After we were back to Russia, nothing seems to satisfy me anymore.I realized how most of the people were stressed, grumpy and not happy with their work. In addition, most of the year the weather was rainy and snowy with dank air and grey low sky. After half a year spent in hot and sunny climate that couldn’t be suitable for me anymore.

Right after we came back we started to plan our next trip, this time to Sri Lanka. And winter of 2015 met me on the beautiful beaches of south of Sri Lanka where I enjoyed surfing, meeting new friends and my new adventures. This time when I was back to Russia I was looking for some options that allow me not only spend a winter in a warm country, but move and live there all year long.

The idea to move to China came from my friend, who was living there for 2 years and working as an English teacher. The next thing I did I quit my job, I got a ticket to Hong-Kong and that’s how I ended up here.

Is there anything I regret about? Yes, there definitely is. But only one thing. I wish I can do this change earlier and it wouldn’t take me more than one year to gather up my courage and finally make a move!