My goals in surfing 2018

In all aspects of our life we need to have some goals. And what’s even more important we need to know which steps to take to achieve our goals. Therefore in this post I would like to share with you my goals in surfing. As I am riding longboard 9’4, all of them except the last one would be applicable for longboard surfing.

Goal #1 – To learn bottom turn and cutback

Basically these two elements are always connected with each other. In order to do a cutback you need to generate speed with your bottom turn first:

02 bottom turn

After you get to the lip of the wave you will need to change your direction with a turn and go back towards the breaking part of the wave:

02 cutback

In order to achieve this goal I have to watch video tutorials and practice these maneuvers in the water.

Goal #2 – To learn cross step on the board

Cross stepping is a technique that allows you to shift your weight on the board by walking. It’s not only useful and right way to walk on the board, but also it looks gracefully and in style.

06 cross step

When you are good enough in cross stepping you can try to do hang five and hang ten tricks.

Goal #3 – To be able to surf 5 days in a row

It’s a very important skill. Let’s say the swell came and you have nice pumping waves every day. The first two or three days you will surf, and after you will feel you are tired and your muscles are sore and you need to have rest. Then you take a rest for one or two days and then when you are ready to surf again there is no swell left. Or another similar example if you travel to other country for a surf trip, which you’ve planned for so long, you don’t want to waste your days resting, do you?

In order to accomplish this goal I have to:

  • stretch after each surf session (currently I’ve been forgetting to do that). This will help muscles to remove lactic acid and decrease muscle soreness later
  • do cardio. I personally don’t like running, so for me cycling, swimming and rope jumping can be an option. Have to make it regular though!

Goal #4 – To finish a wave without losing a surfboard

Being able to grab the board right after you finish your wave allows you to save your energy because you don’t have to pull your leash and get on a board again. I didn’t find any YouTube tutorials about that, so I guess I will just watch our local surfers doing that and will try to repeat.

Goal #5 – Drop knee turn

When surfer is doing cutback and he drops his back knee on the tail of the board to compress it. Required some practice at home and in the water.

07 drop knee turn

Goal #6 – Hang five and hang ten

The name of this maneuver comes from hanging five or ten toes from the nose of the board. To accomplish this goal I have to master my cross step skills first. In addition I still haven’t sorting out the way how to position my board on the wave for hang five, because there must be some white wash coming on the tail of the board to hold it in the water.



The last goal in this year is to learn how to pop-up on the shortboard. I’m really having fun riding a longboard, but the board itself isn’t very suitable for travelling, it takes a lot of space and it’s heavy. And sometimes waves are not suitable for longboard. To get to the point of being able to pop-up on the shortboard I will practice my pop-ups at home since I’m having a shortboard in my apartment.

Of course not all of the goals can be achieved in 2018, but I will try my best.