July 2018 in Russia and Ukraine

How lucky were I to go to Ukraine and Russia in July. Although I’ve been staying in each country only for one week, which was way too short, the weather played along and it was sunny and warm all the time.

Ukraine welcomed me very warm since the airport. As the political situation between Russia and Ukraine is quite tense nowadays we, Russians, may be asked for more documents when crossing the border, such as invitation, air tickets, hotel booking and others. And I didn’t have the invitation, but the customs officer was very kind to me and let me in.


walking in Kiev

walking in Kiev

walking in Kiev

Walking in Kiev

While in Ukraine I had a chance to meet my cousins, uncle and aunt, grandma and some friends. And yeah, I’ve been eating borsch every day, not joking! I’d visited almost all the places that were on my to-do list except funicular which was closed.

Russia suprised me with its prices this time. Everything seemed to be way more expensive than 2 years ago. I was so lucky to spend my nephew’s birthday with my family swimming in the lake and staying in the village house for a few days. Also I was trying to meet all my friends, but it wasn’t possible in such a short time. I’ve already started planning the next trip so it would be longer than only one week.




Unfortunately I haven’t fully completed my mission in Saint-Petersburg, didn’t have time to go to all the places I was planning too. So until next time. See you, Saint-Petersburg, in summer 2019!