Surfing lessons in Shenzhen, China

Many people got surprised when they hear that there are spots for surfing in China. I would say it’s almost same as when they hear there is surfing happening in Russia as well. But if you have a look at China’s map you’ll see a long coastal line. And currently I’m happy to live on the south of China, in Shenzhen city, where surfing as a sport is getting more and more popular each year.

No doubts the best place for surfing in China is Hainan island. The second famous place is Xichong/Dongchong beaches, where I currently live. Both Xichong and Dongchong are beach breaks with average waves and closeouts. The season is from May to October, especially good conditions are during typhoons. But quite often local beach administration will close the beach entrance due to even small and harmless typhoon, which can be annoying for the surfers. But not all of them are harmless…

Supertyphoon Mangkut hit Shenzhen on September 16, 2018 and caused a lot of destruction on Xichong, so the beach will be shut down until May, 2019 due to the reconstruction. Thus recently all the surf and surfing lessons are going on in Dongchong beach.

If you need a surfing lesson with experienced coach, don’t hesitate to contact me (the contacts are at the end of this post). Both individuals and groups are welcomed. Lessons are held in English and Russian. Transportation can be arranged if needed.





Dongchong beach, how to get here:

Bus E11, H92 from Shenzhen to Dapeng (大鹏), then switch to M231 bus, get off at the last bus stop


20 RMB – beach entrance fee

100 RMB – surfboard rental per day

100 RMB – wetsuit rental

280 RMB+ –  2 beds hotel room per night

For lessons please contact me through Wechat (superlena07) or mobile (18312489180).


  • During the weekend start going earlier from the city, cause traffic jams are quite often over summer/public holidays
  • Have a Chinese translator/Chinese friend with you, cause almost noone speaks English here
  • Last M231 bus leaves at 18.30-19.00, taxi/mototaxi can be an option if you didn’t catch the last bus